A Photographic Return

July 12th, 2010

My predominant work in this world is as a horse trainer and horsemanship instructor in my other business, Mountain Rose Horsemanship — photography is my other love, after horses (and my husband, of course!). I have been as fortunate as can be the past few years as two of the fellas who help me around the ranch are also exquisite photographers!

Josh Levin and Josh Polson (the Joshs’ as we affectionately call them) are both avid horse admirerers themselves and have a wicked eye behind the lens. The majority of the photos that grace the Mountain Rose Horsemanship website are their work, which I feel so very proud to be able to showcase!

I just recently had the chance to return the favor (well, really I just scratched the surface of returning the favor after all the stupendous photographic work they have done for me!) by getting behind the lens to capture some moments between each of them and the horses that they adore.

You can learn more about each of these fine photographers below:

Josh Levin

Website: Fresh Eyes Photography

Contact: (303) 249-4012 or josh.owlnraven@gmail.com


Josh Polson

Website: Polson Photo Journalism

Contact: (719) 359-0523 or Ace87j@aol.com


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