I have come to really love life. I’m not sure I really knew how before and, in truth, I’m sure that I have yet to even scratch the surface of the joy that is my time here. What I do know is that I have fallen in love with feeling connected and alive, with sharing life alongside good people and getting to spend my days doing what I love.

Life to the full for me is . . .

Discovering new parts of myself each day as I strive to recognize and love the woman God has designed me to be.

Experiencing the depth and majesty of horses, anything and everything about them! Those big, stinky, furry and often dirty animals have captured my heart and I am not out to take it back. I am humbled daily that I have the privilege of guiding people in the pursuit of partnership with horses.

Dancing. Unhindered and uninhibited movement. Tapping into that powerful playfulness deep within.

Authentic conversation with real people. We are all in it together afterall, so why not really be in it together? I love sharing the joy, the sorrow, the excitement, the grief that are a part of life, with people who are willing to be known and desire to know me in return.

And yes, photography. In an often hectic world, where it can be all too tempting to get lost in activity both around and within, photography to me, is a refreshing and much needed invitation to arrive in the present moment.

Being behind the camera allows me to momentarily slow down – to appreciate the good, the complex, the simple, and the wondrous parts of life that I may otherwise miss.

My joy is capturing people doing what they love, enjoying life alongside those they adore. In short, my goal is to document the vibrancy and uniqueness of life – life lived to the full.

I hope to get to meet you in some of your “present moments.”

Emily Johnson

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